Imagine having the strength and energy to meet your own challenges… along with the resources to help others.

Why Self-Care?
We will face multiple challenges in our lives. During these times it is essential to maintain our personal well-being to ensure the well-being of our families, workplaces and communities.

Note below that the ‘precipitating event’ and the feelings and experiences associated with this event are the same in both cycles. It is the action taken in response to the event that makes a difference between living a ‘Reactive’ cycle, and diminishing personal resources as each event occurs, vs. a ‘Creative’ cycle where decisions are not made in crisis, or for short term comfort, but are instead proactive and aligned with your values and goals. This allows for a restoration of personal resources and energy, enabling you to learn form an experience and prepare for the (inevitable) next challenge.

Self-care is often framed as an indulgence, or an escape from family or work life. Sustainable self-care is not separate from your daily life, instead it is incorporated and focused on what you most value. Use the Self-Care Workbook to consider what is most important to you, and how to design your individualized self-care plan around your personal needs and priorities.


Work of Care helps people construct a life that supports their well-being, so in turn they can support the health and well-being of others.