Imagine having the strength and energy to meet your own challenges, along with the resources to help others.

Standard medical interventions do not address the psychological, social, physical, and financial impacts of an illness or disability on caregivers and families — important aspects of care that are often neglected in medical appointments or treatment protocols.


  1. To care for and about others we must be able to understand their needs, and have the resources to act in their best interest.
  2. Self-care is essential for individuals to sustainably practice caring for others.
  3. Modern life, our society and institutions, generally do not support an individual’s well-being. This makes us less able, as individuals and as communities made up of individuals, to care for each other.
  4. We can improve medical outcomes by learning the skills to care for ourselves, with the purpose of effectively caring for others.

The good news: many of the things that can improve medical outcomes do not require a prescription or health insurance – they require love, patience, education, compassion, and hope.

Work of Care helps you construct a life that supports your well-being, so in turn you can support the health and well-being of others.