8 Steps of Self-Care

Medical care is not enough to address the impact a disability or illness has on caregivers and family members. These 8 Steps address lifestyle and environmental aspects of care necessary to create a supportive environment for you and your family.

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Work of Care Principles

  1. To care for and about others we must be aware of their needs, and have the resources to act in their best interest.
  2. Self-care is essential for individuals to sustainably practice caring for others.
  3. Modern life, our society, workplaces, and institutions, generally do not support an individual’s well-being. This makes us less able, as communities made up of individuals, to care for each other.
  4. We can create change in this world, by  learning skills to care for ourselves, with the goal of collectively caring for others.

Recent Comments

    "The phrase “Work of Care” specifies the physical and mental efforts of specific tasks in which [caregivers] engage, while avoiding …. the negative and potentially biased emotive connotations of “burden of care” (p.5). —Hexem Et Al., (2011) Noted